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Class Descriptions

Our bootcamp classes offer intense and constantly varied workouts that utilize general military fitness strategies and creative exercises to create a fast-paced and dynamic environment. These classes keep the human body guessing and adapting to constantly changing conditions to physically and mentally prepare each individual for various life circumstances.  
Recommended Training:2-3x/week
Fearless, Impassioned, Tenacious Females is a class that emphasizes weight-training in a nonthreatening, self-empowering environment. Women of all ages will be positively encouraged to trust in their bodies’ extraordinary capabilities while being pushed beyond physical and mental barriers that may be preventing a positive self-image. This class develops both inner and outer strength through weight training and bodyweight exercises in a fun, lively, and positively energized atmosphere.  
Recommended Training: 3x/week
Body Sculpt combines mental focus, lateral breathing, and exercise precision to develop a conscious control of all muscular movements. The use of neutral spinal alignment and bellybutton to spine “scooping” is emphasized for healthy posture and core tightening and flattening. Highly specified low impact, bodyweight exercises target challenging areas, tightening and sculpting your physique.  
Recommended Training: 2-3x/week
This class is recommended for adults 60+ who want to keep the body active and mobile for safe, independent, everyday living. The focus is to improve balance and stability through moderate resistance training in a circuit-type class that emphasizes proper technique for building strength and flexibility.  
Recommended Training: 2x/week
Our High Intensity Interval Training classes include a dynamic warm-up followed by 35 minutes of vigorous, total-body exercises in timed intervals to allow for a quick yet highly effective calorie-burning workout. Interval training burns fat stores while building muscle, speeding up resting metabolic rates to continue fat burning long after the workout is over!  
Recommended Training: 2-3x/week
This open session is great for any individual who would prefer an independent exercise format. Workout at your own pace in an open-gym format under supervision of Foundry Staff.  
Recommended Training: 3-4x/week

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