2014 Futsal Winter League

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*When registering, add your TEAM NAME hyphenated to your first name on the sign up sheet ( ex: First Name: Tom – Redwood City Bobcats)

*If registering 10 teams or more, $50 per team discount – must be from the same Club. Please contact jillian@pacsportvbc.com for discount.

Begins January 5 – Ends February 16

( January 19 – no games )

5 games for league play with 1 game for playoffs
Games are on all Sundays beginning at 8 AM – 2 PM
5 boys divisions / 5 girls divisions
U10-U14 age divisions
6 teams per age division max
$495 per team

Teams MUST submit the following items:
Team Roster – coming soon
PSV Waiver

Prior to Gameplay
Teams will need to submit age verification:
US Club or CYSA-N Player cards will be accepted

*The Foundry is running this league in conjunction with Peninsula Soccer United.

*If you have questions regarding the league, scheduling, rules, roster, etc, please contact Keith Canevaro If you have questions on registration, please contact The Foundry

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Our facility has the capacity to hold 5 games at once. With our very latest indoor floor technology, we create a playing surface that best simulates the response of a suspended wood floor. The use of millions of tiny rubber pellets allied to the stone underlay provides an added shock absorption not seen at other indoor centers. This not only enhances the playing experience of our customers but also reduces risk of injury. With 30 feet of clear height and 17 automated curtains, The Foundry has the unique ability to be divided up into several areas if needed. We have plenty of space to watch, plus a cafeteria for your coffee or snack needs! Plenty of parking means you can invite the family as well. At the Foundry, we understand the importance of quality and offer the best for you and/or your team!

Origins of Futsal
  • The origin of Futsal® (Five-a-Side Soccer) can be traced back to Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani devised a five-a-side version of soccer for youth competition in YMCAs. The game is played on basketball-sized courts, both indoors and out without the use of sidewalls.
  • The term FUTSAL ® is the international term used for the game. It is derived from the Spanish or Portuguese word for “soccer’- FUTbol or FUTebol, and the French or Spanish word for “indoor’ –SALon or SALa. The term was adopted by U.S. Futsal since it includes the initials “fUtSAI” (USA). The term was trademarked in the United States after U.S. Futsal changed its corporate name within the state of California.
  • The game is frequently referred to as Five-A-Side or Mini-soccer. Once Ceriani got the ball rolling, Futsal gained rapid popularity throughout South America, particularly in Brazil. The skill developed in this game is visible in the world-famous style the Brazilians display outdoors
    on the full-sized field. Pele, Zico, Socrates, Bebeto and other Brazilian superstars developed their skill playing Futsal.
  • While Brazil continues to be the Futsal hub of the world, the game is now played, under the auspices of FIFA, all over the world, from Europe to North and Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Asia and Oceania.


International and World Competitions
  • The first international competition took place in 1965, when Paraguay won the first South American Cup. Six more South American Cups were held through 1979, with Brazil winning all of them.
  • Brazil continued its dominance with a victory in the first Pan American Cup in 1980 and won it again the next time it was played in 1984. A U.S. team took part in the 1984 cup, but finished out of the running.
  • The first Futsal World Championship conducted under the auspices of FIFUSA (before its members integrated into FIFA in 1989) was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1982, with Brazil finishing in first place.
  • The Brazilians repeated as champions at the second World Championship in 1985 in Spain, but lost in the third World Championship in 1988 in Australia to Paraguay.
  • FIFA took over direct sponsorship of the event in 1989 in Holland and 1992 in Hong Kong.


Futsal Federation
  • The U.S. Futsal Federation was founded in 1981 and incorporated in January 1983.
  • Osvaldo Garcia was it’s first president.
  • The game is referred to as Mini-soccer, five-a-side soccer, Futbol Sala or Futebol de Salao, but it is also widely refereed by it trademark name, Futsal.
  • The current Federation president is Alex J. C. Para.


Futsal in the U.S.
  • U.S. Futsal has conducted a National Championship each year since 1985.
  • Futsal is establishing itself at the youth level in the U.S.
  • The Boys and Girls Clubs of America took a strong interest after the Columbia Park Club in San Francisco asked the Federation to give a demonstration.
  • The national organization adopted the sport, and it is now played at about 1,100 Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the U.S.
  • The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) also plays the sport in a close working relationship with U.S. Futsal since 1988.
  • The U.S. Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and U.S. Futsal signed an agreement in August of 1995 and in 1999, to promote futsal in all their National State Association as their game of choice for indoor soccer under the auspices of U.S. Futsal.


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