Indoor Golf

Beyond the court, the Foundry houses a “caged” driving range with an innovative automated golf tee and analysis system that provides details of your technique and performance allowing you to perfect your game without leaving your stance.

Past- Time or Obsession?

Around the San Francisco Bay area there are several public, private, and exclusive golf clubs offering a variety of course terrains and challenges. These courses provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while chasing that little white ball down the gopher hole. While playing a round at the golf club sounds fun and relaxing, only a few have the time and opportunity to spend the entire day or even “just a few hours” on the course. In today’s challenging economic environment, the time and expense of a regular tee time has become a luxury for the privileged or a priority for the obsessed. For the typical recreational golfer, playing at the course a few times each month is more realistic. Of course it is less rewarding to spend the time and money at the club if performance isn’t at the desired level and nobody wants to play in inclement weather.

Whether golfing for fun, networking, or the challenge, every golfer looks to improve his or her game. Part of the challenge for any golfer is finding a convenient time and location to practice. The Foundry offers the solution for enhancing performance in a convenient location while on a limited schedule. The indoor driving range includes a state-of-the-art automated golf tee housed in a “cage” which helps reduce distractions while protecting others from errant balls. The automated golf tee system provides detailed analysis of each swing including club speed, club face angle, ball speed, carrying distance, and carrying angle as well as other details of your technique and performance. The automated system saves time and energy as it tees up the ball at your desired height allowing you to focus on your stance, grip and swing technique. You can hit 100 balls in about 15 minutes for the same price as a typical bucket of 40 balls at most driving ranges.

Come Drive Anytime in Redwood City

> Open 8 am – 10 pm Monday – Friday and by appointment on weekends
> Open year ‘round, regardless of the weather!
> Individually Enclosed Automated Golf Tee Unit – never leave your stance!
> Book a Tee Time – average of 20-minutes/sessions
> Pay per ball (eg: hit at least 100 balls in 20 minutes for $20)
> Golf clubs optional — bring your own clubs, demo clubs, or rent clubs ($1 each)
> Work with a pro – golf pros are available for lessons & coaching
> Refine your technique – biomechanical stroke analysis is available

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DRIVE Yourself

Contact the Foundry online, by phone, or in person to book a tee anytime.
Uncertain about your schedule? Stop by when it is convenient for you to use the tee “first come, first serve”. Bring your own clubs to practice your swing or prepare for the weekend tournament. In the market for new clubs? Arrange to demo the latest clubs when you book your tee. If hitting golf balls wasn’t in your plans when you left for the day, don’t worry. You can always rent a club or 2 on the spot. Hit as many balls as you like. Just drive.

DRIVE With a Golf Pro

Consider working with a Golf Pro to learn the basics of golf or fine-tune your game.
Contact the Foundry online or by phone to book a tee with a Pro anytime.
Already have your own Golf Pro, Coach, or Caddie? You can book the tee for you and your private instructor for a set amount of time as well as number of balls. Working with a Golf Pro is an excellent way to learn the sport, refine your game, and enhance your performance on the golf course.

DRIVE For a Biomechanical Expert

The key to success in any sport is proper, efficient, and safe technique. Have your stroke analyzed by an expert in biomechanics to learn proper technique, refine your technique, prevent injury, increase power, and elevate your performance. Contact Elevate Performance online, by phone, or in person to arrange a stroke analysis. Several analysis options are available to meet your needs. Make the commitment to bring your game to the next level!

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