“Do not expect to accomplish your dreams, if you are not willing to help others accomplish theirs.”




Liahona Motu Foundation

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Established officially in 2008, the Liahona Motu Foundation (LEMO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers high school students to strive for greatness and to become responsible, compassionate leaders. LEMO is a family that trains to be the best, and we consistently work the hardest in order to accomplish just that. Hard work is a way of life. We are convinced that there is no alternative lifestyle more full of flavor. We pride ourselves in being the safety net and bedrock of confidence that empowers our Playmakers to bravely venture out into the world, create opportunity, drive change to make dreams and reality synonymous. You only get one chance at the championship game called life, so you must commit to performing at your peak at all times.
Our philosophies and lifestyle choice develops the spiritual, academic and physical capacity and well-being of all of our Playmakers! The result is a multi-faceted approach that works. LEMO's students are motivated and feel part of something far greater than themselves. They are well-positioned for success in school and beyond, have a deep appreciation for their community, and are aware of the issues – personal, local and environmental – that affect the world around them. Ultimately, the Playmakers become the responsible and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.